Tina Luedtke

Technical Communicator (B. Eng.)

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About Me

When thinking about documentation, many people's eyes fill with boredom. Often, developers tell me that they dread writing documentation but they appreciate reading good docs.
If good documentation is such a hard and boring task, why do I love technical writing?

  • It’s not boring: You need to be curous to gain a deep understanding of the product, your audience and how to reach them (information delivery). Information delivery is my passion and I’ve written a thesis about it.
  • Technical writing isn’t specific to one domain: You can pair your passions with your skills.
  • You’re like Batman: You are working behind the scenes but you still have a big impact with your words. Good documentation = one more customer saved from calling support.
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    My Work

    Leveraging my academic background in technical writing, I excel at:

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    Standardizing documentation at Netdata

    Screenshot of the project

    During my time at Netdata, I initiated a long-term documentation standardization project after uncovering a lot of inconsistencies in a detailed content audit. I've created page-level markdown templates and paragraph-level components that automatically generate text for certain tasks. I supplemented my concept with internal documentation to facilitate the adoption of the improved documentation structure.

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    Google Season of Docs: Metanorma

    Screenshot of the project

    During the three-month project, I proposed a new information architecture for Metanorma's documentation to improve findability. To lower Metanorma's adoption barrier, I created a 26-lesson curriculum geared towards new users. To make the Metanorma documentation future-proof, I laid out a roadmap.

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    Bachelor Thesis: Opportunities and Limitations of Ontologies in the Context of a Unified Content Strategy

    Overview of the project

    In 2020, I was in my final year of studying Technical Writing and Communication at Munich University of Applied Sciences. During my studies, I always was most interested in leveraging metadata to deliver content in the right context and channel. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at ontologies and how they can aid in realizing a unified content strategy.

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    Introducing Video Documentation at Bosch Building Technologies

    Screenshot of the project

    During an internship at Bosch Building Technologies (BT), I introduced a new form of documentation: How-to videos for CCTV management software.

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    Improving Documentation with User Tests at Bosch Building Technologies

    Screenshot of the project

    Since the on-screen documentation was published in a deprecated format, Bosch BT needed to switch to HTML5-based help. To improve the usability of the new help, I conducted a user test.

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    Blog Article for KnowledgeOwl

    Screenshot of the project

    I delivered a lightning talk about how humans process information and how technical writers can act on that at Write the Docs Prague 2020. Due to the great reception, KnowledgeOwl, a company that builds knowledge base software, asked me to create an article for their blog.

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